We help retailers overcome the technology gap

and unknowns of successfully competing in the Amazon marketplace

We partner with you and guide you along the way building out a specific mission for your business.

Level the playing field on Amazon

  • Reduce waste on hard to complete tasks
  • Increase warehouse flow & efficiency
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Virtually eliminate mis-shipments
  • Organize & manage all returns, inbound shipments
  • Clearly track all aspects of your business

We understand the daily challenges of maintaining a selling account on Amazon, and we are proactively engaging on your behalf to give you the tools and knowledge required.

We have been creating technology and processes from a retailer and app developer perspective to tackle the changing landscape of selling on Amazon for more than 6 years. We have all the tools and expertise you need to succeed on Amazon.

Join the mission & launch your retail business into space

We work with retailers in an effort to design a custom mission to help take your business to new heights.

  • Strategize — First meeting: we assess, discover, and dream. We’re here to listen
  • Chart a Course — Next we propose a plan, iterate with you, navigate the course. We’re here to provide direction.
  • Onboard — This is where the fun begins! You commit resources to engage in our training and mission prep as we clear the route and begin the journey together.

Our Promise to you…

We can’t guarantee success but we promise we will never stop trying to help you succeed on Amazon. It has become a part of our DNA to persist without exception. Amazon might be an unfair marketplace and the list of unknowns sometimes feel like they outweigh the knowns. As a team member, we are able to leverage our collective knowledge to give you a competitive advantage.

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Your company needs strong employees. Your employees require strong guidance. You desire a framework that can give you both. Implementing the STRONG framework that has the power to transform your company from the inside-out..